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Primary Doctor Medical Journal is a peer-reviewed online medical journal at PDMJ.org.

The Journal focuses on topics primarily related to public health as well as preventive and natural medicine.

The inaugural issue was November 2020.


Primary Doctor Medical Journal is unaffiliated with any industry and accepts no advertising. All work on this Journal is done by volunteers only. We are dedicated to the dissemination of large and small discoveries in medical science, unencumbered by the dictates of any industry or business interest or political faction. As such, the Journal welcomes submissions of original research from healthcare practitioners, scientists and other researchers. The Journal has a particular interest in topics related to the intersection of public health with preventive and natural medicine.

Copyright and Sharing

Authors always retain copyright of articles published by Primary Doctor Medical Journal. Articles may be freely accessed, shared and forwarded, whether electronically or in print. Articles may be scanned for use on other websites, with the provision that PDMJ.org is acknowledged as the source, and the article authors are credited with the writing.

Submitting Articles and Letters

Original research is encouraged, including meta-analyses, randomized controlled trials, cohort studies, case-control studies, case series, case reports, and literature reviews. Clinical trials and case-control studies should clarify compliance with US laws regarding informed consent of human subjects. Letters of medical interest less than 500 words may also be submitted. Peer review requires at least one week turnaround. Please address your letter or abstract to editor@pdmj.org


No subscription list is maintained at this time.